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アカデミア総研(葉山 学園指導 作家)





For Overseas Governments & Reporters
Academia International Institute (AII)is the only private research center here in Japan which can submit special report to realize overall solution of every problem with the proper data and methods.
The main contents we have tackled so far are as follows:
(1) Political problems in the national Diet and/or Tokyo municipal issues.
(2) International affairs especially US-Japan, Japan-China relations.
(3) Private University: management, organization, curriculum, finance, etc.
(4) Hotels and restaurants: management and daily points to solve.
(5) Giving information to media with articles.
On the way Seishu Hamano made research on world-wide problems in Japan and America he could successfully set up some roots on gaining information, and therefore, we are ready provide you with accurate news useful for newspapers and/or magazines.
Hamano has made it a rule to add advices and strategy necessary for the government to make next step on some urgent political issues For example, Hamano showed a project or the best way to avoid conflict at Senkaku Islands and open and develop the joint project at that area viz. offshore oil field development of US-Japan-China collaboration.
This project is published in the essay on the Japan’s newspaper quite recently, and if Chinese government found it interesting kindly try to get in touch with us. We have already offered this project to Japan and US Government. In this way, nowadays, we believe such private institute as Academia can take the leadership or can offer the best way to introduce peaceful way to all the relative government.



アカデミア総研(葉山 学園指導 作家)